Many people have a holiday that is quite special to them. We are in the midst of the most busy holiday season right now. They look forward to that holiday all year– so much so that when the time comes to plan their wedding date, they want the ceremony tied around their favorite festivities. The following question, however, is how does one do this in a tasteful way? Here are a few easy ways to incorporate your holiday of choice into your wedding ceremony and reception.

Color Scheme

A themed color scheme is probably the best way to incorporate your favorite holiday into your wedding. The example above makes for a lovely table setting that would be perfect for a classy, Halloween wedding. The deep and rich colors clearly illustrate the darker vibe the bride and groom were hoping to put forward for a Halloween celebration.


Food is another excellent option to keep the theme on track. This could mean foods that fall within the pre-established color scheme, or foods we associate with the holiday. For Valentine’s Day, this could mean heart-shaped foods and chocolate covered strawberries. Each holiday has a staple food we associate with it, so don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your special day.

Wedding Favors

Send your guests home with a reminder of the festivities. For a New Years wedding, this could be a noise-maker, a popper, a small bottle of champagne, and maybe even some candies for their sweet New Years Eve kiss. These could all be store bought, or home made to save expenses.

Do what makes you happy!

In the end, who cares if your wedding doesn’t quite fit the standards of others. Make it as loud or quiet, and on theme or distant, as you’d like. The only people you have to satisfy are your significant other, and yourself. All that matters is that you are surrounded by people you love.