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Weddings are a time of joy and laughter for friends, family, and of course, the couple. The couple works for months, sometimes years, to create a lovely celebration of their love. Guests don’t often think about just how expensive weddings are– but the couple does. For those on a budget, wedding planning is even more stressful. Here are a few tips to keep that price tag low.

Keep Your Guest List Small

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Some couples may be tempted to invite just about everyone they know, but for those on a budget, that is a problem. Each guest is another mouth to feed and chair to pay for, which can quickly rack up the price of your wedding. Invite the people you really want there, and you will not only have a more intimate, memorable wedding, but a one for a smaller price.

DIY Your Invitations

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A lot of people have great home printers, allowing them to make classy invitations on their own. Whether you download a template or make one on your own, with nice paper and a program that allows them to design an invitation, they can be made relatively cheaply while still looking good.

Involve Your Close Friends and Family in the Preparations

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Ask around, and you might be surprised by what help you can find. It is possible friends and families might have connections to a vendor, or perhaps have something you can borrow for your special day. Some friends and family may be willing to contribute decorations and even catering options. Many would be more than happy to help, so asking around could definitely save you some money.

Buy Decor Used or On Sale

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If you know exactly what you want decor-wise, keep an eye out on these items. Stores have sales regularly, so wait for the price to drop before pulling the trigger. You can also look on websites like Craigslist for brides selling their used decor that they no longer need, saving you a great deal of money.

Minimal Floral Arrangements

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While flowers look lovely, they are an expensive investment that die quickly. You could save money by making your own bouquet, or opting to use fake flowers. These days, fake flowers look great, and they’ll allow you to keep your wedding flowers for as long as you’d like.