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Below are some of the most common questions I get asked by my couples and their families.  Please contact me if you have a question not found here or you would like further explanation.

When you perform our wedding ceremony in Mexico, will we be legally married?
No.  I strongly suggest to my couples that they have a civil ceremony at home just prior to their trip to Mexico where we will celebrate their Jewish or Jewish Interfaith ceremony.

Will you add New Testament  readings and/or non religious passages to our ceremony?
Yes, of course I will.  With your input, together we will create the ceremony of your dreams, one which is warm, inclusive and reflects who the two of you are as individuals and as a couple.

Do we have to abide by a certain structure for our ceremony?
No. One of the beauties of an interfaith wedding is it gives the bride and groom the freedom to build a ceremony that suits their faith and their sensibilities. Rabbi Steve will work with the couple and their families to find just the right feel for the special day.

What is the difference between a Jewish, interfaith, and non-denominational wedding?
A Jewish wedding is between two people who are Jewish, and will incorporate Hebrew and English and generally feature the traditions associated with a Jewish Marriage ceremony. An interfaith wedding is between a Jewish person and a non-Jewish person. The wedding ceremony can include Hebrew, but is generally done in English depending on the desires of the couple. A non-denominational wedding can be an interfaith couple or two non-Jewish people who want to keep their ceremony devoid of ties to any particular religion. The wedding happens under God but lack any language specific to any particular faith.

How do I make sure that my faith and my partner’s faith are honored in the ceremony?
Talk to each other. The best way to begin your lives together is by making sure that both of you are comfortable with your wedding ceremony. Rabbi Steve can work with you to find ways to bring the beautiful traditions of both of your faiths together for your wedding day.

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