Credit: Mindy Weiss

Soon-to-be newly weds scour wedding magazines and sites to figure out the latest trends in fashion, decor, and all things wedding. Sometimes, it’s to make sure their nuptials perfectly fit trends of today. Other times, it’s to make sure they stand out from other weddings.

Whatever your reason for looking into wedding trends,  here are a few of the top wedding trends couples will see in 2020.

Bold Uses of Color

Credit: Fizara

Pastels used to be all the rage for wedding colors, but that’s not the case so much anymore. Many couples are opting for vibrant color pallets so their wedding photos really pop. Incorporating bold oranges, teals, magentas, or any other number of colors can make for a visually exciting ceremony and reception.

Go Green

Credit: Ten Thousand Villages

A recent trend in wedding decor heavily involves “upcycling,” or reusing something so that it has higher value so their big day has zero-waste/ a reduced carbon footprint. This could be utilizing family heirlooms (such as a ring), locally-sourcing the food from vendors who emphasize sustainability, and/or sending out bio-degradable wedding invitations.

Specialty Cocktails

Credit: HGTV

Many couples are looking to inject their personalities into every aspect of their wedding– including the drink menu. Signature drinks have become commonplace at receptions. Couples get together, incorporate ingredients they enjoy into a cocktail, and share their creation with their guests. They can chose to have a bartender make these drinks, or to make it in a large batch ahead of time and store in a wall-mounted dispenser for self-serving.

Fairy-tale Lighting

Credit: Bridestory

Lighting is one of the key ways to set the mood during a reception or ceremony, and it has become even more important in recent years. Hanging lights from the ceiling or stringing them across a table creates a magical, warm ambiance without the potential danger that comes with too many lit candles.

Destination Weddings

There is a recent uptick in couples who are willing to spend a little extra money for a destination wedding. Whether in an exotic location like Thailand, or the white sandy beaches of Mexico, couples are opening their minds to new and exciting locations. Just remember to plan far in advance, let your guests know with ample time, and carefully choose all the moving parts of your wedding based on quality customer reviews. Learn more about planning a destination wedding with the destination wedding checklist.