Stay Healthy During Coronavirus



Stay Safe and Healthy

The current COVID-19 crisis is causing problems for people across the world. For couples who were looking forward to sharing their wedding day with friends and family during the early third of the year, they may have to postpone their wedding due to restrictions on gathering size and travel restrictions. While it is sad to see couples have to wait, it is with their safety in mind.

To combat the virus, some are self-isolating, while others are simply social distancing. Whichever you choose to do to keep your family and yourself safe, follow these pieces of advice to help stop the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus.

Wash your hands

Use soap and water and thoroughly clean your palms, backs of hands, knuckles, and in between you fingers, for a minimum of 20 seconds. Soap and water is the best way to keep clean and kill germs, but if you do not have access to these items for whatever reason, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Practice social distancing

When possible, keep three to six feet between yourself and others. This is because when someone coughs or sneezes, this distance will help you avoid breathing in the droplets sprayed by this person, and potentially help you avoid contracting the virus if they are positive and unaware.

Don’t touch your face

In our daily lives, we touch so many surfaces that could potentially be host to a virus. When you then touch your eyes, nose, and mouth, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of transferring that virus, so keep your hands away from your face.

Practice proper respiratory hygiene

If you have to sneeze or cough, make sure to cover your mouth and nose. Use a tissue or your inner elbow to avoid spreading germs, and remind others to do the same to keep everyone safe.

If you have cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention

It is always suggested that if you feel ill, you should stay home, but if you experience a cough, fever, and difficulty breathing all at once, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your local medical authorities have the most up-to-date information on the virus. Just make sure you call ahead to keep others safe if you potentially carry the virus.

Make sure you stay healthy, stay safe, and stay positive!

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