When Should I Book My Officiant?

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Booking Your Officiant

For those planning a destination wedding, it is crucial they schedule all the moving parts of their wedding with ample time. Couples need to be certain that every vendor and venue is open when they need it, but what is more important is the officiant themself.

DO NOT plan your wedding around a specific date without ensuring your wedding officiant is available for that date and time. Wedding officiants are the heart of a wedding ceremony, and if you want the one that speaks to your soul, you need to secure them before you book anything else. If you book your officiant too late, it is very possible they may not be available for your big day.

Many resources say it is customary to schedule any and all services for your destination wedding a minimum of one year in advance. Make sure your officiant is the first call you make. Too many times have I seen a couple’s dreams crushed because they waited too long to contact me. Don’t make the same mistake. If you decide to have your wedding in Mexico, make sure you contact me to ensure availability if you want a personal, warm ceremony.

Be sure to contact me before you make any bookings or commitments for your big day!

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