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“Rabbi Spiegel was wonderful to work with and truly made our wedding ceremony extra special. He worked with a local minister to help us create a unique interfaith wedding and everything went off without a hitch. All of our guests were touched with his anecdotes and interpretations of each tradition.

We were especially touched by how Rabbi Spiegel got to know us before the wedding. Planning a destination wedding can be difficult and it meant a lot to us that he wanted to get to know us before our wedding day. It also really helped make the ceremony feel personal.

I would highly recommend working with Rabbi Spiegel for any wedding!”


“Rabbi Spiegel was the ideal rabbi! When we went to Mexico in Dec ’13 to see the wedding venue six months prior to the wedding, we made a point to meet our vendors face to face, and we’re glad we did. Email is nice, skype is great, but nothing beats a handshake. We contacted the rabbi and he came to our hotel for an introductory meeting. We sat and chatted up in the lobby – didn’t even have to go anywhere, quite convenient. He told us about himself, we told him our life story – by the end of the meet, between his warmth and professionalism, it is as if we have known him our entire lives; a close family friend, if you will.

We then went on to customize our ceremony, adding little personal touches here and there but, with his continued guidance, keeping major aspects of tradition – all in all, exactly like we had envisioned it.

He was always professional and cordial, always quick to respond to emails and skype requests with any questions we may have had.

We would certainly and highly recommend Stephen Spiegel to anyone looking for Jewish officiating services.”


“We knew from the very beginning that we wanted a destination wedding, but we knew that would come with obstacles. We did not have the luxury of visiting our resort before our wedding, so a majority of our planning was done over the phone. We did not know what to expect from the rabbi either. But after our first phone conversation with Rabbi Spiegal, we knew we made the right decision. Immediately, my husband and I felt at ease as we spoke to the rabbi. I am not Jewish, and I was afraid that my choice to not convert would hurt our chances of getting married by a rabbi in Mexico. This was not the case. The rabbi explained that he would be more than happy to conduct the ceremony, joining 2 people of different faiths in marriage. He also offered us the choice to add (or detract) elements of the Jewish ceremony to our liking. As he put it, “have it your way.” He even agreed to add elements of a Christian mass to a certain degree. My parents and I could not have been more pleased. Several months before the wedding, we scheduled a few hours each week to talk to the rabbi. This was considered our “marriage counseling.” Instead of using the phone, these meetings were conducted over Skype. We talked about topics related to the ceremony, as well as marriage issues, but what we enjoyed most about our discussions was the rabbi’s assurance that he would always be there for us. Years down the line, if we needed him, he would be there. The day of the ceremony was unforgettable. This is partly due to the beautiful, personalized ceremony the rabbi designed specifically for us! He made us laugh and cry. He explained the traditions for my non-Jewish guests. Later that night, guests came up to us and commented that our ceremony was so intimate and beautiful.
Rabbi Spiegal made our wedding day so special. If you have the opportunity to work with Rabbi Spiegal, consider yourself very lucky to work with such a wonderful rabbi. He truly has your best interests at heart.”


“Rabbi Steve was warm and very personable. My fiancé is Jewish and I’m Catholic – we created an interfaith ceremony for our wedding. Rabbi Steve made it very special and emotional – we laughed and we cried. Our guests have commented that they’ve never seen anything like it and they also learned quite a bit in the process. Highly recommend Rabbi Steve as an officiant.”


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