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The ins and outs of a wedding are totally up to the bride and groom. What happens should totally be the couple’s vision– but that being said, there are certain things a couple shouldn’t do when planning.

Don’t Include Registry Information on Your Invitations

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Wedding invites are supposed to be a place for people to get excited about the happy, upcoming day, not a place to outright ask for money or gifts. An easy way to get the wedding registry information to your guests is to include a wedding website URL at the bottom of your invitation, where you go into more detail about your upcoming nuptials. One of your site pages could invite registry information– a totally tasteful way to get this information out.

Don’t Invite Someone to the Bridal Shower if They Aren’t Invited to the Wedding

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Make sure everyone you invite to your bridal shower is invited to the actual wedding events. This faux-pas implies to your guests that they are important enough to give you a gift, but not good enough to actually celebrate your wedding with you. Whether you set up the shower yourself, or the bridal party does, just make sure no one extra is invited.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Your Wedding Party

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The friends that you ask to join your wedding party agreed to commit a lot of time and money to be a part of your celebration, so don’t forget to show them appreciation. Treat them well throughout (such as providing meals on big days when you are all together), of course, but an actual token of your appreciation would also be nice. This could be anything from a small necklace commemorating your thanks, or paying for their hair and makeup.

Don’t Make Guests Wait Too Long Between the Ceremony and Reception

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Having too big of a gap between your ceremony and reception can leave your guests feeling lost and forgotten about. Some time in between the ceremony and reception is inevitable, but don’t have it be so much time that your guests get bored and hungry. If a long break is inevitable, give guests options for entertainment and activities to fill the time.

Don’t Forget to Greet Your Guests

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It might seem impossible to greet and talk with all your guests, but a little conversation will go a long way. Do your rounds during cocktail hour, after dinner, or on the dance floor. Guests understand that you have to make rounds, so don’t worry about only talking with them for a short amount of time.