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Wedding plans are simultaneously the most exciting and stressful plans you will make in your life. For destination weddings, planning can be especially trying. When organizing peculiars of your wedding, there are key details to keep in mind so you do not anger anyone or cause yourself unnecessary strife. Consider these wedding etiquette tips to ensure everyone is treated with respect, and to help save yourself trouble.

Who should be the first to know about my engagement?

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Do not broadcast the joyous news on social media before informing close family and friends who are like family. If you have children from a previous relationship, make sure they are among the first to know the good news. It is tempting to share the exciting news the moment it happens, but instead, take that moment to celebrate with your significant other. Then call up your parents, siblings, close family, and/or friends.

How far in advance should I announce my wedding location?

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If you are planning to have a destination wedding, the sooner you can inform your guests, the better. If you can, let them know a year in advance. This will allow them ample time to organize funds to pay for plane tickets, lodging, and ask for time off work. Make sure you provide your guests a list hotels in the area if you do not reserve a block of rooms in a specific hotel.

Am I expected to invite all my coworkers?

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Not at all. For most people, funds are tight for a destination wedding, so your co-workers should understand that you can’t invite everyone. Still, if you do plan inviting your close work friends, don’t make a scene about it in front of everyone else. Do it in private to avoid the potential irritating “why am I not invited?” conversations.

If someone asks me to be in their wedding, do I have to ask them to be in mine?

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There is absolutely no obligation to include someone in your wedding just because you were in their’s. Your wedding party should be made of the people you truly want around you on your big day. These sorts of decisions are especially important for destination weddings, due to budget and who can actually make the big. If you are truly uncomfortable with the situation, ask them to fill another role in the wedding, such as usher.

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