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Why do some rabbis not perform interfaith marriages?

Some interpretations of Jewish Law do not accept interfaith weddings, so many conservative rabbis will not perform an interfaith ceremony. Other rabbis will perform an interfaith wedding and even co-officiate the wedding with an officiant form another religious faith.

What is the difference between Jewish, interfaith, and non-denominational weddings?

As the name would suggest, a Jewish wedding is abetween two people of the Jewish faith. These ceremonies will incorporate Hebrew and English, along with other traidtions associated with Jewish marriage ceremonies.

An interfaith wedding is between a Jewish and non-Jewish person. This ceremony may include Hebrew, but is often done in English. It all depends on the desires of the couple

A non-demoninational wedding could be interfaith or two non-Jewish people who want their ceremony devoid of religious ties. The wedding happens under God, but does not contain language specific to a particular faith.

Do interfaith weddings have to abide by a certain structure?

Interfaith weddings give the couple the freedom to structure their wedding in a way that suits their faith and themselves best. They should contact their families and their officiant to make sure they build the ceremony in a way that reflects their lives best. A good officiant will work diligently to ensure their client is happy.

How do I make sure both our faiths are honored during the ceremony?

Have an open dialogue about what you do, or don’t, want to include in our wedding ceremony. Communication is key to a happy, comfortable relationship, so start your lives together by talking about this important detail. You can talk to your wedding officiant if you need help or ideas on honoring both faiths.

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