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No matter how hard a couple may try, there will always be little things they wish they could have anticipated or done differently. Whether it’s little things, like choosing different tapestry, or big things, like choosing different bridesmaids, there will always be something that could have been better.

According to an article by Mikaela Wendell Photography, there are a some key things that many couples can agree they wish they could have changed. Here are a few things newly engaged couples should keep in mind while planning on their wedding.

Don’t waste money on invitations/things that will be thrown away

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Couples splurge on luxurious paper and envelopes so their invitations stand out in the mail, but there is really no need. Perhaps the invitation will be plastered to the fridge for a couple months, but it will ultimately end up in the trash. You can make cheaper card-stock look just as great as an expensive wedding invitation for a fraction of the price, allowing you to spend the money elsewhere. Party favors are also regularly left behind following a wedding reception, so consider whether they are really worth the cost.

Make time to actually enjoy yourself

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The newly-weds spend so much time running from the ceremony, to pictures, to reception, and any other events in between that by the end of their night, the wedding was a whirlwind, and they realize they hardly had time to let things sink in. Make an effort to take some time to sit and watch the festivities. Have idle conversation with your bridal party. Spend a few minutes with your spouse. Actually dance with your friends and family, and certainly don’t forget to eat!

Go small

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Many couples wish they cut their guest list in half– nixing the invites to acquaintances and distant, distant family, but “going small” is more than just the guest wish. Couples wish they ordered less food, bought less decor, had a smaller venue,and so much more. For some, it’s about spending quality time with the people who really matter. For others, it’s about cutting costs. For others, it’s so the money could be spent on a longer honeymoon so the couple can spend more time together, because ultimately, the wedding is about the couple.