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Given the world’s current events, it seems everyone’s plans for the next several months have come to a screeching halt. For the recently engaged, this is a bummer. Couples want to dive into wedding planning in order to celebrate their love with friends and family, and the uncertainty of our situation makes this difficult.

But this isn’t to say you can’t plan at all. In fact, it’s encouraged. There are aspects of your wedding you can put together so that when things have calmed down, your wedding process will run far more smoothly.

Bridal Party

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Now that you are engaged, there is no harm in putting together your bridal party. In fact, the extra time might be a good thing. It will allow the party to keep in mind potential expenses and really learn what duties they will have to fulfill as the people you want by your side during this exciting, but stressful experience.

Color pallette

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This is another easy detail that you can throw together now. Some aspects that might play into your color choices for your theme are the time for year for your nuptials and the venue, but it is always great to have a sense of direction.


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It is great to get an idea of the venues available where you plan to have your wedding. You can narrow down options based on vision and your price, and when you finally get to visit them you will have concise list and a solid understanding of what you want.

Wedding Officiant

One of the most important aspects of your wedding is the officiant you book. You want someone who will develop a personal and unique ceremony tailored to you so that everyone leaves with a warm feeling in their hearts. Figure out which officiant is right for you and start talking to them. It is suggested you book an officiant early, so use this time to find the officiant who provides exactly what you need.

A (Tentative) Date

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While some might be concerned about picking an actual date to plan around, it will give you a sense of direction in your planning. A tentative date will allow you to take into consideration weather, potential themes, and which guests will be available to attend the wedding.