Interfaith weddings are the celebration of two different people coming together through the bonds of love. When a couple chooses to have an interfaith wedding, it should be a ceremony that properly respects the two cultures and their families.

Some couples opt to have a Rabbi or Cantor as the officiant for their interfaith wedding. Some choose a Justice of the Peace. others choose a spiritual leader of another religion. Some choose some sort of combination. When making that decision, couples should be certain they are comfortable with whoever they choose to officiate their wedding.

This is doubly as difficult when planning a destination wedding. When planning a wedding in another country, it can be difficult to get an accurate representation of the selected officiant and their services. If a couple decides to incorporate both Jewish and other spiritual leader as their officiant, the decision is even more stressful.

Couples who plan a Jewish interfaith wedding in Cancun don’t have to worry. Rabbi Steve gladly officiates interfaith weddings. He fosters a warm, personal environment by getting to know the couple via phone calls, Skype, or emails. Every couple is different, and Rabbi Steve treats every couple like the individuals they are.

Rabbi Steve is willing to incorporate aspects of both religious backgrounds to please both sides of the family, but most importantly, the couple. He wants nothing more than to give couples the wedding ceremony of their dreams.